NEWS April 2003
01 May 2007

Well, after all this time I finally managed to update DS!
Baueda is growing and I hope we have found a new home at last. In the meantime I've started to work on a new Fantasy World:ESAIR

To be honest I started working on the concept back in High School, took me about 25 years to start publishing it, but now it's here! :)

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    02 Sep 2005 Back in Italy!

    To steal a quote "I went to England for an holiday, and got stuck there 10 years..." :)
    Jokes apart, I had really a great time in UK, met plenty of incredibly good people and learnt a lot of new things. Unfortunately times goes by way too fast, and the adventurous times of the early PC Game industry have ended, so I moved on to new exiting projects, my own game company, no less: Baueda Wargames
    It's a developer studio of high quality tabletop wargame accessories and miniatures (that's toy soldiers for the uninitiated). Truly enjoing myself doing plenty of sculpture and drawings, and looking for a place to settle down in the shade of the Alps. It's called Dunroaming IIRC... :)

    25 Apr 2003 DS1 has gone on-line today!

    Unfortunately copyright issue with various publishers have undermined the original concept of Dreams Studio, so it has now become effectively just my on-line portfolio. The original DS is still available here if you feel nostalgic... :)
    Anyway there is plenty of new stuff, so take your time and enjoy your tour of DS1!

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