After the concept drawings had been approved I started to work on the 3D models, constantly testing them against the template to make sure they would fit Using my own concept sketches as reference I've started to build separate models for each component Because the final background would only use flat renderings of these models I could build them with a considerable amount of detail, and draw as big a texture as it was needed to get the result I was looking for. So the models were first textured in detail then merged together to assemble several scenes, one for each room of the dome, and then lighted consistently with the environment.

The whole spaceship was meant to be an artificial living organism and to achieve the "biomechanical" look I wanted I took inspiration from nature. For example for the tower in the Norn terrarium, which had to be a pleasing environment, I used an opalescent seashell finish I've used other models as modular elements like in the service corridor to give them a more industrial feeling. When I had a number of elements ready I begun assemble them on the template in Photoshop ® Next I begun drawing the dome background itself Once all rendering were assembled I made a lot of hand retouching in Photoshop ®, blending all elements together, adding detail and filling in the cross section for the terrain and the ship hull. The final result is what you see in the actual game:

All the images on this website are exclusively of my own work, but two other professional artists worked on other parts of this project with me: Timothy Mews and Ceri Llewellyn

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  • In addition to the concept and backdrop art I've also made the models and sprites for several C3 agents. Unfortunately a few of them didn't made it to the final game...

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